Birth Support with PNW Doulas

You’re 20 weeks pregnant and you just had the most amazing ultrasound- where you got to see YOUR BABY. It’s really a human. It has fingers and toes. It has the perfect little profile. You’re really having a baby.

And that baby has to come out.

-Cue moment of panic-

As you begin talking about this baby’s exit from your body, you realize that there is so much you don’t know. And your partner begins to express some concern that they may not feel equipped to be your sole support person. Maybe hospitals (and/or blood) makes them feel a bit uncomfortable.

So the two of you contact the best doulas in the Salem/Silverton/Corvallis/Albany/Eugene area- PNW Doulas.

After a phone conversation, you are matched with a team of doulas who are the best fit for your personality, desires, due date, birth location, etc.

Why a team?

Because we work in pairs. There are so many surprises in birth- we don’t want your doula to be one of those surprises. There won’t be a random ‘back up’ at your birth. A member of your team- that you’ve met with, talked with, and gotten to know- will show up and be a familiar and comfortable face.

You’ll sit down with your hand-selected team for a complimentary consult and get to know them. They’ll ask you questions. You’ll ask them questions. They’ll join you for a very personal and intimate experience, so knowing them well is important.

After you hire your team, they’re all yours. (No, really. All yours.)

You can call, text, email, or all three at any time. They become your personal Google and your safe place. When emotions are feeling too big, they’ll assist you in processing them. If you’re unsure on birth plan ideas or safe sleep recommendations, they’ll answer your questions.

They become your people.

They’ll sit down with you for a prenatal appointment to talk through all of your hopes and dreams and plans and anxieties. Each prenatal appointment is personally tailored to what the couple most need.

And then comes the big day.

When you’re ready for your doulas during labor, just give them a call and they’ll magically appear.

What does a doula do during labor?

Labor looks a bit like a dance. There are fast paced moments where your doula will be very hands on. There are slower moments where she will take a step back. She will never take the place of any other member of your support team. And she will fully support any decision you make.

Your doula will provide position ideas and resources. She will remind you of your plan and goals. She’ll continually insure that you feel safe, heard, and respected. She will encourage your partner to eat, drink, and rest at appropriate times.

Your doula is a constant support. She keeps an eye on the big picture and anticipates your next need. She’s always ready and always prepared.

After the newest addition to your family makes their appearance, your doula remains your person. She’ll assist you in cleaning up, getting comfortable, and nourishing yourself after birth. And if breastfeeding is your plan, she’ll be there to help you initiate baby’s first latch.

The relationship doesn’t end when the doula leaves the hospital.

Your doula team will follow-up with you, check in on you, answer your ongoing questions, and continue to be your people.

Our Birth Support packages include:

  • A dedicated team of doulas on call for you from the moment the contract is signed

  • Prenatal meeting in your home

  • Unlimited phone, email, and text support

  • Labor support

  • Postpartum meeting in your home

Our package starts at $795

Ready to get started? Let’s talk.

Important things to know about PNW Doulas:

  • We support all families.

  • We support a very wide variety of parenting philosophies.

  • We support birth- no matter how it happens.