Postpartum & Infant Care Support with PNW Doulas

You just finished running the marathon of welcoming your new baby and now it’s time to bring this new little person home.

So what’s next?

As you enter this new phase that may include so many firsts for your entire family, your Postpartum & Infant Care Doula comes to you with the support, experience and education to help you get settled into your new routine.

What could this look like for you?

Rest and Recover

Your doula enters your home at 8pm and checks in with you about your day. She assists with the bedtime routine of your older children and then encourages you to get some well-deserved rest. While you sleep, your doula's main priority is the comfort and health of your baby. A middle of the night feeding may include waking you briefly to nurse, but her goal is to allow you to fall right back asleep. These good chunks of sleep provide you with the rest your body needs.

Build Confidence

Your doula starts her shift at 10am. She assists in getting everyone ready and accompanies you to your baby's first doctor's appointment. After arriving home, she makes you some light snacks while you feed your baby and then she she shows you a way to swaddle your little one that puts them right to sleep. As your baby sleeps, she gets everything set up for a bath and assists you in baby's first bath at home.

Settle In

Your doula arrives on your first day home from the hospital. She gets you settled in on the couch with comfortable pillows and snacks. As she helps you with your feeding plans, she also assists in supporting older siblings as they adjust to the new addition. Your doula folds laundry as she listens to your birth story and talks with you about your postpartum recovery. After getting you in bed for a little nap, she plays a game with your older kids to allow you the ultimate rest.

Contact us to begin the steps to customize a package to fit your individual needs. 

{Average cost begins at $28 per hour)