Why Do I Have to PEE So Much?!

"I'm not sure if my water broke or if I just peed myself AGAIN."

"I swear I got up to pee 10 freaking times last night!"

Who knew that urine played such a big part during pregnancy?

And it's not just the baby dancing on your bladder that causes this to happen.

•The blood flow to your kidneys increases by like 35-60% during pregnancy. That huge increase makes your body produce up to 25% more urine after you've conceived your baby. The kidney insanity tends to peak between 9 and 16 weeks. 

•As pregnancy continues, the expanding uterus puts extra pressure on your bladder. During the last 3 months of pregnancy, this pressure causes women to pee far more frequently.

•Considering the significant change in hormones and the serious increase to body fluids, waking up to use the restroom multiple times a night is a common 'symptom' of pregnancy.

You may be tempted to drink less in order to sleep better. 

Please don't do that.

Drinking large amounts of fluids (especially water) is incredibly important for both you and your growing baby. BUT limiting drinks with a diuretic effect (coffee, tea, soft drinks) can slow down a bit of what comes out of your bladder. 

If you have concerns about the frequency of urination, it never hurts to speak with your medical provider.