PNW Doulas


We support families.


You are entering an entirely new adventure.

Pregnancy, birth, and parenting can come with some fear and anxiety and so many unknowns.

We understand the sense of calm and strength that comes with finding places of control.

We believe you deserve the individual & personalized support that brings confidence and allows you the opportunity to find those places of control. And you deserve continuous support that comes without bias.

That’s where we come in.


Our Services


Childbirth Classes

Our comprehensive and individualized childbirth classes will give you all you need to make the best decisions for your birth experience- and we promise a whole bunch of laughter along the way!

We will give you detailed and evidence based information to assist you in making decisions based on confidence- all while keeping it real and authentic. Because that's just who we are. Classes are offered in a variety of ways to best meet your specific needs.

Labor support

Working as an integral part of your birth team, your experienced and reliable doulas believe every family can have a unique birth experience.

We provide the support for you to navigate your birth, your way. From the moment you enlist our services, your doulas provide individual and unbiased support at every turn.

Whether it’s answering a quick text about a pregnancy concern, helping you navigate your options for your birth plan, showing your partner how to be a rock star during labor, or holding your hand through each contraction, your PNW Doula team will be by your side.



Postpartum support

You just finished running the marathon of welcoming your new baby and now it’s time to bring this new little person home.

So what’s next?

As you enter this new phase that may include so many firsts for your entire family, your Postpartum & Infant Care Doula comes to you with the support, experience, and education to help you get settled into your new routine.