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Grab a cup of coffee & chat with us for a minute.

     In 2014, we sat in a local coffee shop and looked at the empty spaces in our local birth community. In order to be that liquid that easily filled in the empty spaces, we knew things had to change.

     We saw a need for professional and respectful relationships with medical providers. We felt an overwhelming desire to offer support that came without bias. We longed to create sustainability for the doulas in our area.

     With framework in place that supported each of those goals, Pacific Northwest Doulas was born. As you enter the adventure of parenthood, we believe you deserve the individual support that exceeds your expectations.

     Local families choose PNW Doulas for our exceptional and reliable services and our lifelong commitment to our community. Welcomed at area hospitals and preferred by medical staff, our doulas work with your entire birth team in providing the unbiased and continuous support that allows you to explore your options and make the best decision for your growing family.