Building Bridges- Our promise to Medical Staff

We get it.

It took watching and listening and conversation. But when we walk into the room, please know that PNW Doulas gets it.

To each staff member at each hospital we are invited into:

We know that you have years of education and experience under your belt.

We know that you are providing the best possible medical support for your patient.

We know that your desire is for your patient to have a positive birth experience.

We know that you are caring for at least 2 patients at once: Mother and Baby.

We know that you are human. And life outside of work may be messy.

We get it.

Our clients hire us to join them in your facility. We meet with them ahead of time, get to know what their ideal birth experience looks like, keep in conversation with them throughout pregnancy and early labor... and then we enter the delivery room as their guest.

Doctors, Midwives, and Nurses-

we want you to know that we enter your hospitals with respect for you and for your space. We enter the space as invited members of the birth team. We enter it with the goal of supporting our clients while also encouraging their relationships with you.

Our PNW Doulas make the following commitments to you:

  • We will work with all medical staff in a respectful and cooperative manner.

  • We will support all of our clients choices- without adding bias to their decisions. We are not activists for any specific type of birth.

  • We will encourage our clients to contact you for the information and advice that is outside of our scope.

  • We will respect hospital policy and protocol.

  • We will provide comprehensive and evidence-based education to our clients when requested.

  • We will come into your facility as well-trained and prepared doulas who adhere to a firm scope of practice and commitment to professionalism.

  • We will leave the diagnosing up to you. We will not 'second guess' the information you give your patients.

  • We fully acknowledge that our professional role is as a non-medical support person. Our scope of practice has firm boundaries in that area.

Thank you to each hospital that has welcomed us with open arms.

As you welcome us, include us in conversation, tell us where the best coffee is, assist us with a hip squeeze, invite us to join our clients in the OR during a cesarean birth, ask us to help you hold something... Whether the gesture is large or small, it gives us excitement about building positive, healthy relationships with the medical staff that our clients are trusting with a major life event.


If you ever have a comment, praise, or concern about one of the PNW Doulas, you have our full attention. We mean what we say. We are committed to good working relationships with all hospital staff members. You can reach us at

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