A Color-Coded Guide to Baby Poop


Oh the stuff that comes out of that precious baby!

Allow us the opportunity to put your mind at ease as your baby grows. Baby poop comes in a variety of colors (and smells) depending on stage of life, food they're eating, etc.

Before you get too concerned over the current explosion, scroll through and see if it's normal.

Black and greenish color with a tar-like consistency?


Yellow ... and kind of like curdled milk?

STUDIOS (1).png

Thicker tan poop that looks a bit like hummus?

STUDIOS (6).png

Greenish Brown poop that looks a tad too much like your favorite guacamole?

STUDIOS (7).png

Red, pink, orange, green ... A rainbow of fruity flavors.

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- Other colors - 

Bright Green: Bright green poop can indicate an imbalance in the breastmilk your baby is taking in. If your baby is getting more foremilk and less hindmilk, he/she may need to nurse more on each side. This can also be an indication of a virus. If your baby is extra fussy, a visit to the doctor may be needed.

Loose, Runny: If you're baby's bowel movement is more loose than normal and this lasts more than two days, please contact your doctor. If other symptoms are happening, a call to your doctor may need to happen sooner. 

Hard, brown, and dry: Occasional constipation isn't abnormal- especially in formula fed babies or babies transitioning to a new type of food. It can also be a sign of dehydration. 

Dark Green: Iron supplementation may cause your baby's poop to be a dark green. This is normal. If your baby is exhibiting other symptoms, contact your doctor.

Black poop: If your baby is more than a few days old, black poop may be a concern. Please contact your child's doctor and discuss this further.

White poop: Chalky, white poop is rare. It can indicate a liver or gallbladder issue. A medical professional should be contacted right away.

**If you have any concerns, please contact a medical professional. This guide is just a simple answer to a much greater question. Trust your gut. You won't regret it.**