Constipation During Pregnancy

True story: Half of all pregnant women experience constipation.

Because growing a baby isn't enough, you get the joys of struggling to poop, too!

Constipation occurs when there is abdominal discomfort or pain, passing of hard stools, and difficulty/infrequency of bowel movements.

In other words- it's a miserable pain in the butt.

Some of the causes of constipation in pregnancy:

•Worry and anxiety that can slow your system down.

•Less physical exercise than normal.

•Lower fiber diet.

•Pregnancy hormones that may relax the intestinal tract.

•Pressure from the growing uterus onto the intestines.

•Iron in prenatal vitamins.

Prevention and Treatment of constipation tend to look fairly similar:

Eat a high fiber diet: With all that's working against your bowels during pregnancy, increasing your fiber intake with fruits, vegetables, etc, will assist your body in moving poo right on through.

Drink all the H2O: No, really. Even if it makes you pee more, drink it. Staying well hydrated keeps many things from drying out- including your poo.

Keep moving: Exercise assists in stimulating your bowels to do their job. Even if all you can manage is a short stroll around the block, your pregnancy-induced-hemorrhoids will thank you.

Over-the-Counter remedies: If a little extra boost is needed, speak with your medical provider about other options to make your intestinal tract a tad more cooperative.

Andrea WillemsComment