Do I Need a Doula?


(nēd) verb

Require (something) because it is essential or very important.

"I need help now"

Is a doula actually a NEED?

Some people consider a 'need' to be something that is necessary for survival: air, water, food, shelter, etc.

But if we look at the synonyms for need (be in need of, have need of, want; be crying out for, be desperate for; demand, call for, necessitate, entail, involve), the idea of 'need' becomes very different.

People give birth without a doula all day, every day.

Is a doula necessary for survival?

Few people would say yes to that.

That doesn't mean that a doula is never a NEED.

Who might feel the need for a doula?

•Someone having a baby after a previous traumatic birth experience

•People who are "alone (ie; partner deployed, single parent, surrogate)

•A woman living away from her extended support system

•A person in recovery from substance abuse

•A family welcoming a baby after loss

•A couple in which the partner is not able to offer physical support

•Highly anxious people - either half of the couple

•Someone with a very specific birth plan

•A woman with a history of sexual abuse

•A family expecting more than one baby

•A person in the LGBTQ+ community

•Someone having their first baby

•A woman planning for a VBAC

•A surrogate

The list is long.

Any birthing person of any color, age, or size may feel the need for a doula.

Is it a need for everyone? Probably not.

If it's a NEED for YOU... That's all that matters.

Andrea WillemsComment