Massive Melons: How to relieve engorgement

First comes baby.

Then comes a handful of days in which you wonder if your milk will ever come in.

And *BAM*

Rock hard boobs.

Concrete ta-tas.

Massive melons.

Your breasts swell up like balloons and your nipples practically disappear into the masses.

Hellooooo, milk supply!

Out of nowhere, your chest will require its own zipcode as all of the breastmilk fills in every possible open space in your breasts. There is a good chance you will be uncomfortable. And that baby, who latched well before, won't seem to be able to get enough into his little mouth to relieve you of all the pressure.

Your first thought will probably be to pull out that breast pump that's tucked away in the closet. If you could just pump off a little bit of the excess, maybe...just maybe, you'd get some relief.

Here's the amazing thing about your body: It's goal is to create the amount of breastmilk that your baby needs at any given age.

If you grab your breast pump at the first sign of engorgement and pump off some of the extra, you are telling your body that it actually need to make MORE milk because you're trying to feed newborn quadruplets or something.

Ways to help the girls:

•Take a warm shower and self-express some of your breastmik into the shower. The heat will help soften your breasts and get the milk better able to flow.

•Gently massage the breast your baby is nursing on.

•Place a warm compress on your breast prior to nursing.

•Wear a supportive bra.

•Feed your baby frequently during periods of engorgement.

•Apply ice packs to your breasts to assist with any pain you may be feeling.

It is ALWAYS okay to seek professional assistance from an IBCLC or lactation counselor if you’re having any issues or concerns with breastfeeding.