Gas During Pregnancy: Where does it all come from?!


Move on over, Pregnancy Glow!

For all of the glorious and beautiful parts of pregnancy, there seems to be some side effects that are less than.. ladylike?

We’re looking at you, flatulence.

Have you noticed the increase in bloating, burping, belching and farting during pregnancy? It can be a little intense and maybe a tad embarrassing. But it’s really not anything you’re doing wrong.

One of the hormones that kicks into high gear during pregnancy is Progesterone. This hormone assists in helping your muscles relax more. This also impacts your intestinal muscles. As your intestinal muscles relax, your digestion slows. As digestion slows by up to 30%, gas builds up. (Later in pregnancy, the growing uterus can also add pressure on your abdominal cavity- also increasing gas.)

Funny story- that Progesterone that relaxes muscles? It also makes it a little harder to hold in all that gas. Oops.


Are there ways to reduce this lovely side effect of pregnancy?

The American Pregnancy Association recommends the following for reducing the amount of gas during pregnancy:

  • Skip the straws- Drinking directly from a glass can help.

  • Embrace the belly - Avoid tight clothing around the waist.

  • Say no to the fries- Avoid fatty, fried foods.

  • Chug it! - The water, that is. Stay hydrated to avoid constipation.

  • Slow it down- Eat slowly and thoroughly chew food.

  • Size matters- Frequent, small meals are your friend.

  • Keep moving - Exercise is important to full body health.

Andrea WillemsComment