What is a Doula?

There is no Google Maps voice in the labor and delivery room.

It’s entirely new territory every time, and the closest thing to a pocket guide through the experience is a doula.

Her voice can guide you and your support partner to your best experience.

We are present, with the wisdom and experience to see your larger picture through the fog of physical labor sensations.

We are your personal search engine for “is this normal?” before, during and after delivery.

We are your encyclopedia for evidence-based support and information.

We are a steady presence when your partner needs a break or a breath.

We are the safety net: holding space for every emotional and physical reaction you may experience.

We work alongside the medical staff and the rest of your birth team to support you in making the decisions you feel are best for you and your baby.

We are a wealth of knowledge of the biology of labor and delivery, and we come equipped with pain management, anxiety management and focus techniques.

We are the missing piece to your support team.

If Google Maps wasn’t present for your labor, she sure doesn’t show up for your postpartum recovery; not your parenting journey either. Your doula does. We have doulas specifically trained in the postpartum care of your healing body, as well as newborn care. You will not be abandoned or forgotten once you’ve delivered your baby—that is only the beginning of your journey. And it’s one that we’re experienced in traversing.

On second thought, maybe there can be a Google Maps voice along this journey.

It’s your doula.

Andrea WillemsComment