Will I Poop When I Push?

This. The question of almost every pregnant woman we talk with.

Because, unless you have some interesting fetish, the thought of pooping in front of a room full of people sounds like a less-than-stellar experience. The thought can cause considerable anxiety about birth- and it may actually cause some issues during delivery


When does pooping happen during labor?

Well, any time. BUT- for much of labor, if you are feeling the need to for a bowel movement, you can go into the restroom and have that experience all by yourself. The poop experience that concerns most people happens during the pushing phase of labor. This is when your cervix is completely dilated and you are actively working to move the baby toward the light.


Can I prevent pooping while I'm pushing?

There are articles all over the internet that say that this is possible. We have a large amount of doubt. When you are actively pushing your baby out of your vagina, you are using all of your muscles that you would also use to poop. Unless you've completely emptied your bowels prior to labor (which may be why enemas used to be all the rage), there is a good chance you won't be able to control whether or not you poop.


Will everyone know if I poop?

Honestly? Probably not. The medical staff has some good poop game. They are often in a position to make it magically disappear within seconds. 


 Labor is hard work. It's like running a marathon... and pushing is a sprint at the end of the marathon. 

What if we changed the way you felt about this question by telling you that a little bit o' poop is a victory?

 Fear of pooping can slow down the pushing phase... because, heck, it can feel like you're trying to poop in front of a crowd of people. The sooner you let go of that worry and embrace the idea that you might poop, the better your pushing experience will be. Often, poop during pushing is a sign that you are pushing into the right area.

 And that, my friends, is success!