40 Weeks and Counting: Pregnant & Overdue

Dear Overdue Mom,

Remember when you tried to picture yourself at your due date?

The times you pinned those adorable maternity photos on Pinterest?

When you put a pillow under your shirt to try and imagine your stomach getting THAT big?

And then came your due date.

Let's be honest. This isn't at all how Pinterest made it out to be.

You can't see your toes. Your ankles are...well... "thick." There are stretch marks where you didn't know stretch marks were possible and you have to pee at the most inconvenient times. 

And, seriously. Could your boobs get any bigger?

They say pregnant women glow- but you only feel a layer of sweat.

And if ONE.MORE.PERSON. asks you when you're going to 'have that baby already' or comments on how large you've gotten, you may have to plead temporary insanity.

Dear Mom Who Isn't Feeling So Beautiful,

Thank you for being patient with your baby and with your body. I know- you don't feel patient at the moment... but you are. You're letting your body do exactly what it's supposed to do. As your belly button sticks further and further out, your baby's lungs  are continuing to prepare for the outside world. As you waddle through the grocery store and get those 'I'm so sorry' looks, your baby's brain is developing in amazing ways. As the 503rd person asks you if you're ready to have that baby yet, your cervix is softening and getting ready for birth.

It will happen. 

At this moment, you have the honor of mothering a baby that you can't yet see. 

Every hour. Every minute.

Your body is constantly getting ready to bring your little one into the world. 

Deep breath.

(And put those feet up! You've more than earned a day of absolutely NOTHING.)