10 Things To Do When You're OVERDUE in Salem

You may not be sleepless in Seattle, but overdue in Salem may not be getting much sleep either!

Do you feel like you're a million weeks pregnant? Has your due date come and gone? Salem Birth Support understands and we're here to offer you a few activities to get your mind off of your upcoming labor. (Really- the baby can't stay in there forever.)

We live in a beautiful and amazing city with so much to offer. Take some time today to do something a bit extra for you.

1. Pamper your feet

There's just something about having pretty toes for labor... especially when you're past the point of being able to reach them yourself. Simply Blissed offers quiet and relaxing pedicures. Once you've gone there, you won't want anyone else touching your toes. (If you don't want your nails painted, they'll spend extra time massaging your feet. How wonderful is that?!)

2. Grab an adjustment and dessert

Dr. Heppner is passionate about serving the entire family- including pregnant women and tiny babies. AND an adjustment can be helpful in labor and delivery. Make an appointment at Heppner Chiropractic and follow it up with a delicious {huge} slice of cake at Konditorei. You're only pregnant with this baby once- Might as well celebrate! 

3. Stop & smell the roses at Bush Park

Bush Park has so many things to offer- paved paths to walk, beautiful rose gardens, art exhibits, a gazebo to sit in, wildlife to watch... It's a lovely place to spend a morning.

4. Wander downtown

Downtown Salem has added some great little shops over the last few years. Wander into SLAB and find a handcrafted soap that you love. Stop in Ricky's Bubbles and Sweets Shoppe for some treats that may remind you of your childhood. Check out the Book Bin for a new book to lose yourself in for a few hours. Hit up Ritter's for some really yummy food.

5. Laugh it up!

If you haven't spent an evening at Capitol City Theater, you're missing out. Laughing at the end of pregnancy can be helpful... and what greater improv than having your water break during the show?

6. You're worth a latte'

The Northwest is known for our love for coffee. Although you may be avoiding caffeine during your pregnancy, there are plenty of other drinks you can sip on while people watching at one of our independent coffee shops. Visit IKE Box, Urban Grange, or Archive to treat yourself and support a local business.

7. Take a stroll

Whether Riverfront Park, Minto Brown Park, or many other parks in the area. Salem offers beautiful places to walk at your own pace. (If you end up at Riverfront Park, consider letting yourself unwind by taking a ride on the carousel. There's nothing quite like feeling like a kid again.)

8. Give yourself a little poke

Acupuncture uses research based points on your body to encourage your body and your baby to move in the right direction. True Vitality Acupuncture is at the top of our list.

9. Date Night

Treat you and your spouse to one last date night before baby arrives. Salem's restaurant scene has increased significantly in recent years so there are many restaurants to choose from. Consider Orupa, The Drunken Cook, Table FIVE 08, and ACME Cafe.

10. Release it

Take an hour to allow a massage therapist give you a well-deserved pregnancy massage. Your body is working hard with this pregnancy... take care of it. 

Have other suggestions for things to do in Salem, Oregon? Share it in the comments.