What Not To Say: Gender Reveal Etiquette

'He or She? What will it be?'

'Boy or girl? Come be the first to know!'

'Bowties or Bows!  No one knows!'

Gender Reveal Parties have become a fun way to announce more information about the new baby before birth- And just a good reason to have another party.

Let us help you with some proper etiquette for the next gender reveal you're invited to - with another round of:


If it sounds anything like the following, please don't let it come out of your mouth:

"Another girl?? Oh, daddy. I'm so sorry you aren't getting your boy!"

"Poor Mommy. A house full of boys."

"Oh wow. Another boy. Think you'll try again for that girl?"

"Ultrasounds have been wrong before. You never know... You could still get the baby you wanted."

"A boy? Oh, goodness. They're a handful."

"I never pictured you as the mom of a girl. I hope you can handle it!"

"Think you'll circumcise him?"

“Goodness. Girls are SO much harder than boys!”

 Instead of any of the above, use phrases like:

"I can tell how much you love this baby."

"You're going to be an amazing parent to this child."

"There's such a special relationship between dads and daughters. Congratulations!"

"I'm so excited to hear what you'll name her!"

"Your other boys are going to be amazing big brothers."

"You're an incredible mom."