You Need A Doula (as much as you need a new pair of boots)

I have a little story for you.

I appreciate shoes. I have some glittery turquoise Toms that make my heart happy with a pair of jeans. I have black flats that go with everything. I recently added a pair of beautiful shimmery green Keens mary janes (that I coveted in a delivery room- but that's another story). The list is long, but those are my very favorites.

And then this little idea got planted in my mind. 

I had a strong desire for a pair of brown leather boots. My friends have boots. There are pictures of cute boots all over the internet. I didn't NEED a pair of brown leather boots... there are plenty of options to keep my feet warm for an Oregon winter. But I WANTED boots. 

And it's not just that they look really cute, but two layers of socks can go inside boots. And it would be extra support for the ankle that's bothering me. And I could wear them with so many things. And my feet wouldn't get wet in random rain puddles in parking lots. So I tried on boots. I went to many stores until I finally found the pair that fit perfectly and made me feel good about myself.

(Isn't it weird how a cute pair of shoes can just make you feel good all over?)

 I didn't need the boots.

But I made sure there was room in my budget and I bought myself those boots. I have zero regret about that purchase. My boots make me feel good. (Oh, and my toes are so nice and warm!)

These boots don't make me walk better. They don't help my toes function in a new way. They don't change what I can do on my own. They just add a pretty new layer of support to my day. (And they make me feel good.)

I need you to know something about YOU. 

You don't NEED a doula. You're an amazing human with an amazing body and your baby will exit your body with or without a doula present. We aren't a necessity.

We simply offer something different than what you may already have. You may already have the Toms and Keens and black flats covered. But there's just a heart's desire for something else.

And that something else is where we come in. 

*We're a constant during your pregnancy. We are always just a phone call or text away. You can call us with those questions that you're not sure you should 'bother' your doctor with. 

*We go through your birth goals step by step with you and help you in deciding what sounds best for you. (Not what sounds best for your neighbor or your sister or your mom... this is about YOU.)

*We get to know you well outside of labor. This gives us special insight into what may help you most during labor.

*We know the policies and procedures at the hospital you're delivering at and we can explain all of it to you.

*We remind you to breathe and we bring you back down when you're feeling overwhelmed with the process.

*We come to you when you call us and stay until you're holding your baby securely in your arms.

*We provide support for your partner- not only do we assist them in giving you the best support possible, but we remind them to eat, drink, take care of themselves. Our goal is to help them feel like a rock star.

*We laugh with you. We cry with you. And we celebrate with you.

You don't need a doula to bring your baby into the world.

But if the kind of support I've mentioned is something that you desire as a part of your birth, let's get together and talk about what that would look like for you. I don't regret my new boots... and I don't think you'll regret adding a doula to your birth team.