A Postpartum Wish: What we all wish we had.


This is the day you’ve been waiting for.

The day you put your baby, and your sore but powerful body into the backseat of what can now be called your “Family Car,” and you make your way home.

The landscape looks different, even though it is the same.

Your partner’s driving is approached with more caution and awareness- and you are so grateful, because bringing a baby home brings a different level of awareness to your life.

The family car pulls into the driveway. You shuffle to the front door, making sure to hold your mesh undies in place. You look back and notice the car seat was a little tricky, but they figured it out. 

Your new Party of 3 steps through the threshold of the family house, “Ahhh, we are home. We are a family. Isn’t this the best thing ever?”

(You both blink at one another in a very subtle state of panic)

(Exchange another glance)

Simultaneously, “Okay, so now what do we do??”

The hospital provided the structure and support you needed during your stay. But now you’re alone. Just the two of you and a brand new baby.

And then the nerves hit.

Soon we get the text:

“You know what I wish?”


“I wish there was someone who could help tell me what’s normal. 

“I wish there was someone who could make me a meal and hold my baby 5 feet from the shower while I put shampoo on my head.”

“I wish that basket of pooped on baby laundry would magically wash and fold itself.”

“I wish someone kind and caring could take care of me while I pour my care into a tiny human.”

“I don’t know if that someone exists, but they should. It would make this postpartum thing so much easier.”

We call this the Postpartum Wish.

A wish is something we make when we feel that thing is not likely to happen. But this wish can easily come true.

This magical postpartum wish is called a Postpartum Doula.


She makes sandwiches (Because a sandwich made by anyone but yourself always tastes good). She will wash and fold that poopy laundry, and above all things, she is kind and caring.

Imagine it’s 10 pm and you’re desperate for a shower and a hot meal, but you can’t even get to the kitchen, let alone the shower because a tiny human requires to be fed, burped, changed, and most certainly fed again. You do not have to make this Postpartum Wish, because  the Postpartum Doula support is in fact a real thing. We can come to you at the hardest time of the day or the night (Hello SLEEP!), and support you through the hardest, most tiring parts of having a newborn in the house. 

Worried the baby isn’t latching right or that you cannot figure out how to pace feed your baby at the bottle? Your Doula has you covered.

Can’t figure out why the diaper is blowing out every time you put a fresh diaper on? Your Doula can show you a few tricks!

Wonder why the baby isn’t burping after a few pats? You can have your Doula burp the baby or ask her to show you a new way to do it.

Afraid to admit to anyone that you are scared that you’re doing it all wrong? Your Doula won’t judge you. She will listen and support without judgement.


If you’re currently “wishing,” rest assured that this support is readily available to make your life as seamless as possible. Your Postpartum Doula brings a new awareness to your life in the same way your partner’s careful driving did.

We get how important this baby raising thing is. And we want to help you.

Written by Cre’shea Hilton- a labor and postpartum doula serving much of the Willamette Valley.

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