Such a Let Down


Just to be clear - Not the Rick Roll kind of let down.

The let-down we're referring to involves your breasts.

As you establish your breastfeeding relationship with your newborn, you'll experience a variety of new things. One of those new things involve this weird, tingling sensation.

That sensation is your breastmilk making it's way to your nipples- otherwise known as "letdown."

What exactly is letdown?

Our bodies are amazing. As your baby begins to breastfeed at each session, it produces a little rush of oxytocin (the love hormone) and some prolactin (the milk making hormone) into your system. Those hormones tell your breasts that it's time to feed the baby. That message causes a reflex that releases breastmilk into the many ducts throughout your breasts. Many describe the release as tingling or "pins-and-needles."


Helpful Tidbits:

*An interesting tidbit about this 'letdown' thing. Because it's stimulated by the love hormone, Oxytocin, it's not just baby that can make the magic happen. A bit of "sexy time" can cause the same rush of breastmilk to happen when it's least expected.

* It is possible for you to be able to shoot breastmilk across the room with a forceful letdown. This becomes an interesting factor during "sexy time."

* It is possible that a crying baby on the other side of the grocery store can cause your milk to let-down.

* Let-down can be painful. If it continues to be painful, speak with your medical provider or an IBCLC.

* Pumping can interfere with letdown- especially if you're feeling rushed or uncomfortable. Finding a comfortable spot to relax can make a big impact on your experience.

That tingly feeling? It’s normal. (And it’s a great reminder to stuff your bra with breastfeeding pads to prevent your own wet tshirt contest.)

Andrea WillemsComment