Don't Listen to Your OB (and other things you'll never hear us say)

Each time we have one-on-one conversations with OBs and L&D nurses, we hear their 'horror stories' of doulas.

And every time... It shocks us.

"One time, I walked into the room and the client was standing on the bed and the doula was shining a flashlight toward her va-jay-jay and telling the baby to 'come to the light.'"

"I hate it when a doula leaves after her client chooses to have an epidural."

"I had one doula who told her client- right in front of me- to refuse anything I offered."

We fight an uphill battle of proving that PNW Doulas comes into a hospital room with complete respect for each medical provider and unbiased support for our client.

We promise you will NEVER hear us say:

1. "Your OB is wrong."

We're seriously amazing humans and we're excellent at doula work. But none of us have a medical degree. We'll help you ask clarifying questions and make the decisions you feel are best for your family and your baby, but we'll never tell you to ignore your OB. They're also seriously amazing humans and excellent at their work.

2. "But you said you didn't want..."

Labor is an adventure. Even the best made plans can change at any given moment. If you were adamant that you didn't want an epidural-  but then changed your mind? We'd support the new plan 1000%. Because it's your birth.

3. "The best kind of birth is..."

Nope. You get to decide what is best for you, your body, and your baby. If you want an unmedicated birth in the forest- go for it. If you want every intervention known to man? We'll ask you how soon you'd like them. We don't have an opinion on how people 'should' birth their babies. That's not our role.

4. "You're strong. You don't need an epidural."

We happen to believe that it takes strength to ask for an epidural. If you want pain relief, it does not mean you are weak. It means you are advocating for yourself.

5. "Induction is bad."

Every medical intervention has its place. Sometimes that means that an induction is the very best plan. We're thankful that options exist!

6. "You should refuse pitocin."

There is a belief floating around that all pitocin during birth is bad. Like induction, pitocin has its place in birth. It can be an incredibly helpful game changer when it's needed.

7. "You failed."

You cannot fail at birth. You LITERALLY canNOT fail at birth. Things may go completely sideways and end up very differently than planned, but that is not a failure on your part.

We support you. In your journey. Period.